Bring the Morning Home

~Now available!~

"Bring the Morning Home by Dan Schatz is a magical collection of traditional and original songs that given the chance will stay with you for a very long time."

- Sing Out! Magazine

Dan's long-awaited CD, Bring the Morning Home, was officially released on June 25, 2007. A mix of some of the best and most requested songs Dan has been writing and performing over the last 15 years, it features traditional and contemporary folksongs, accompanied by Dan on six and twelve string guitars, autoharps, Appalachian dulcimer and banjo. Joining Dan for this album are singers Judy and Dennis Cook, Nancy King, Geeta Shivde and Dick Swain.

CDs are easy to buy through CD-Baby and can be ordered through other outlets. Individual songs are available for download through and other outlets.

If you would like to order your CD directly from Dan, please send $17 (including domestic shipping - contact first for orders outstide the US and for bulk orders) to:

Dan Schatz CD
820 Church Ave.
West Chester, PA 19382


Click on underlined song titles to play mp3 clips. Longer clips of songs are available through CD-Baby.

            1.   Bring the Morning Home (by Dan Schatz)
            2.   Roustabout (traditional)
            3.   Leave Time (by Dan Schatz)
            4.   Brother Ephus (traditional)
            5.   La Llorona (traditional)
            6.   Home, Dearie, Home (traditional)
            7.   In the Old Days (by Dan Schatz)
            8.   Bye n’ Bye Little Baby (traditional/ Dan Schatz)
            9.   Song of the Artesian Water (lyrics by Banjo Patterson, tune by Cathie O’Sullivan)
            10.   Autumn’s Hearth (Dan Schatz)
            11.   I Was Right (David Dodson)
            12.   The Winds of Change (Dan Schatz)
            13.   Sarajevo (Lois Lyman)
            14.   South Wind (traditional)
            15.   A Song in the Darkness (Dan Schatz)
            16.   May This Fire Warm You Well (Dan Schatz)