Folk Music:


Own your very own copy of Bring the Morning Home!

The Mudcat Cafe

A wonderful online community and resource for lovers of traditional music!  The Mudcat is also host to the Digital Tradition, one of the best sources for folksong lyrics.

Keith Young Instruments

Keith Young's dulcimers and autoharps are among the finest in the world. Dan plays a Keith Young dulcimer and two Keith Young autoharps.

Folk Legacy Records

One of the best sources for quality folk music in the United States

The NexTradition

Dan’s brother, Ken Schatz, teams up with Alison Kelley-Kraan for music with deep roots and dangerous harmonies.

Unitarian Universalism

When he's not singing (and sometimes when he is), Dan a Unitarian Universalist Minister. Unitarian Universalism is a liberal, creedless religion that emphasizes spiritual growth, questioning, integrity and community.

BuxMont Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Dan has been Minister of the BuxMont Unitarian Universalist Fellowship since 2002.

Dan's sermons

A collection of Dan's thoughts, reflections and liberal preaching.

Unitarian Universalist Association

The headquarters of Unitarian Universalism in the United States.