Kiran's Photo Gallery
Kiran with his Mom Kiran with his Dad
A very cuddly baby....
Kiran with Grandma Nancy Kiran with Aji (Grandma) Penny
Kiran with Grandpa Jerry Kiran, Lord of the Jungle, fascinated by himself
We wondered if Kiran might have a future singing cowboy songs at Getaway concerts.
Kiran is a very multicultural baby. He had two naming ceremonies - a Hindu Puja in which he was annointed by his Aji (Grandma), prayed for and passed three times under his bassinet before his name was whipsered in his ear, and a Unitarian Universalist ceremony, which Reverend Dad got to perform. He was, of course, adorable for both ceremonies. The picture at left is Kiran on his mother's lap with his Aji annointing him. The picture above was taken just after the service at his Dad's fellowship, with Mom looking radiant as ever and Dad looking very professional, but a littile goofy.
Kiran has friends all over the world - including some he doesn't even know yet. The great ape (and it really is a superb ape) here is named Tango. He showed up randomnly in the mail one afternoon, sent all the way from Cheshire, England!  After much research, Dad and Mom figured out that it had been sent by one Emma B, from The Mudcat Cafe, at the behest of some of the world's loveliest people. Kiran likes Tango very much!
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